This chapter is an extensive design formulation of urban expansion of an area located in a village called Stellenbosch in South Africa.

The Village, Dutch origin is becoming a hub for the wine industry in the region. Nevertheless, the area is facing a big development of a very well known reputable university where it has become a target for many students from the EU, and parents are finding the area friendly, good climate, and affordable compared to the quality of life in the city.

The problem that is facing the city is its bottleneck traffic jams at the city main entrances and corridors. The idea first came to generate a bypass at the main area which connects the city to its neighboring villages, the train station, and the bus terminal. Then the idea expanded to generate or revitalize the full area which was really central but it didn’t help the city in terms of a better hub, services, and transportation hub of the region.

The site is located in a strategical location, surrounded by the famous wine hills on its west, separated by a train railway, and a major road connecting several locations in the region. While on the west, a promising university campus which is expanding and developing in the city.

In addition, the southern part of the site sits aside a major police station and a hospital.

The site by itself is so active and full of functions; First, west part is a huge sports district and many facilities and green fields,


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Stellenbosch Urban Expansion Study
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