Architectural Parasites 🦠 Transformational design study and possibilities over a horizontal tower of a social housing building from the ’60s. The main purpose is to regenerate social engagements and bonding in boring social housing projects. A Co-housing alternative intervention in order to create meaningful aging for senior citizens in the Netherlands. Spaces in between the different types of apartments are generated to create an architecture of chance and enforce a democratic common use of the unidentified spaces.

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Care and living in the post-war neighborhood ‘t Zand is the focus of this project.

1. Stakeholders are looking for future-proof concepts for long-term (nursing) care in the city; new forms of housing in combination with modern technologies, which contribute to appropriate care ánd community building.

How can transformation proposals contribute to a structural change in care and living in post-war neighborhoods (guiding question for reflection at the end)?

2. Another aspect is “meaningful” aging. People want to stay connected and keep contributing to society in some way.

Could a new living-care-working environment offer possibilities which keep elderly people productive after their retirement so they can continue to contribute to the society (guiding question for reflection at the end)?

What is the impact of active elderly on the living environment?

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