Orchid beach has become the place to be, the lifestyle that every person would want to live on a weekend and a tranquil getaway during summer.

Extending orchid beach to become fine hotel would be a perfect continuation of orchid beach concept but also the amenities created to each other.

What do people want?

Beyond the sound, pollution, concrete and city life, Lebanese are searching for places to meditate on their weekends. They have proven to us that our Lebanese culture still exists especially by reviving all the Lebanese traditional experiences in the renovating old Lebanese house that are transformed into boutiques hotels. Therefore the recreation of the traditional village was the main focus of the project in order to provide them with what they are looking for.

How to revive the memory of the village lifestyle with hotel program?

We want people to feel the experience that they will be living far away from the routine and daily life, in traditional concept project with a touch of luxury and ultimate comfort.

Features of the village with a map indicating locations:

  • -Main building: mini-clusters and private villas.
  • – Typology: uphill, downhill
  • -Communal space
  • – Soft scape (gardening spaces, landscape comprising fruit trees like peaches, lemon, bananas, flowers, plants…) Water (fountains, streams, water tank …)
  • -Hardscape: stones, fossils, bridges, stairs.
  • – Boutiques (clothing, bracelets, artisanal shops. )
  • – Pizzeria
  • -Juice and cocktail kiosk for refreshments
  • -Taverns (nightlife… )
  • -Bakery
  • – Artist kiosk ( hat making, glass making, mosaic … )
  • -hand and face painting
  • -Children activities (cycling, gardening … )
  • -Entertainment for winter and summer (billiard, babyfoot …)
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