This residential mid-rise building located in the coastal city of Tripoli, in the urban expansion area. The challenge was to create affordable residential apartments with different sizes and typologies to fulfil the markets needs. The client’s need was to propose an appealing project to compete  with the real estate market. Laying all these regulation with a grid, solid and void characterized the design process determining the architectural language of the façade. The use of materials and colours reflects the volumetric formulation of the building, where each volume specifies and reflects what’s behind it. i.e. living and dining areas where exposed to the street with a huge raw concrete texture divided by black painted solid slabs, while white aluminium louvres hides the kitchen and the dirty mechanical areas behind it.
Nevertheless, the light blue painted plaster in the back resembles the night area where the bedroom are located. The colors where used in order to sustain the building appearance, knowing back in mind the sandy & rainy weather which effects the appearance on the long run.
Tripoli, Lebanon – 2016

Project Credits:

  • Mo.Kabbara architectural Design
  • Ravel cg architectural visualization
  • Studio architectural drawing development
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