Dear fellow architect / hiring manager,

In my youth, I experienced the turmoil of war, social injustice, inequality, poverty and racism. It is that passion for change that’s shaped my career – from dwelling the most vulnerable, to successfully alleviating qualities in conflict and post-conflict contexts as I used to visualize the potentials and positivity in urban challenges and the beauty in destruction and transforming threats into a potential of aesthetics, this led me choose architecture and planning as my tool for change and impact.

I am eagerly applying for an institution that cherish and value persistence, resilience and commitment. I also believe that with my skills, experience and cultural background I can be an added value and a sincere assistant to your values, culture, mission and vision.

With more than 9 years of architectural/Urban design experience. I have graduated from Lebanese American University in Beirut in holding a bachelors in architecture NAAB accredited and a masters in business administration MBA emphasis on management, and recently in 2020 I earned an architectural masters degree from the Academy of Architecture and Urbanism in Tilburg Netherlands, where I got my architectural license.

I currently produce design, construction documents and construction management as a freelancer for a local architectural offices in The Netherlands. I became aware of most Dutch architecture standards and local building codes and laws, at the same time I was following Civic engagements in multi-scale architectural/urban projects with a focus on sustainable design to tackle energy challenges, social co-creation, resource scarcity and aesthetics.

I acquired an extensive experience in sustainable/circular architectural designs, drawings and execution, in particular mix-used and mid-rise residential projects, I can contribute to various types and scale projects. Between 2011 and 2020, I was involved in the conceptual and technical design of more than 15 executed projects in the Netherlands, Lebanon, France ,Sth Africa and more. I was personally in charge of all aspects and stages of executed and successful architectural projects. Besides, I have monitored a team of 4 junior architects, and several interns for 6 consecutive years at the office, also I have supervised medior site-architects and contractors during on-site quality control checks and inspections. 

Moreover, I have taught design and architecture at various universities in Lebanon for 5 years. There, I have drafted new architectural  design courses based on my vision towards the discipline and its architectonic sensibility of symbolism, senses and contextual notions. Guiding the students, and engaging them with urban/architectural urgencies in the region. I my ushered students on how to engage multidisciplinary doctrines as an intention to help our societies to be resilient and live in smart healthy ecological environments and micro-climates. As an ex-tutor, I am on a continuous learning process, I have learned from students as much as I have learned from professors and willing to keep learning.

More of the requested competencies, knowledge, skills and experiences concerning the requested position’s  requirements are also to be found in my CV and portfolio. Noticeable is my experience with various essential computer-aided design software, but I also possess soft skills such as model making, vender, task-oriented, working under high pressure, fast problem solver with interdependency and commitment, team managing and time management. .

I firmly believe that my experience can contribute to current and future projects. I am looking forward to being part of a professional renowned team as yours and eagerly participating in your culture and values. I would like to get acquainted and be invited for an exploratory meeting in which my motivation and added value within your organization can be communicated and discussed.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

Creatively yours,